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Window 10 is still a great operating system. Originally released on July 29, 2015.  Is it better? I still say yes!  It is a very stable and faster 64 bit operating system. 

For a brief summary, the new goodies are as follows...

Start menu
Two update modes
In-place upgrade
Unified app store
Volume app purchases
Modern app windows
Snap enhancements
Multiple desktops
New task view button
Search with web
Built-in, multi-factor authentication
VPN improvements
Built-in mobile device management (MDM)
Personal and business data separation
And More...

If you purchase any new PC, you are going to get Windows 10.

As for most users if you have Windows 7, Windows 10 it's a jump in the learning curve.  If you still have either Windows 7, or Windows XP, then you still do not want to simply upgrade to the new Windows because there is a 80% chance that most of your programs will not work or be missed.
The proper way would be to copy off all of your old data and programs, then format your hard drive and do a fresh install of Windows - this method is highly recommended for better performance and stability.

If you do have an older system and want to upgrade you better be sure your old programs will work with the new operating system.  This by far is the biggest stumbling block in the upgrade path.
In any case you should test your system with the Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor

There really is no one compelling feature within Windows 10 that will force you to switch over.  On the contrary, if you purchase a new PC with Windows 10 on it you better be prepared to purchase upgrades for your older accessories or programs! 

Or simply call me and I'll help you decide on the best path for your future!

With Apple's last iPhones upgrade in their long line of successful smartphones, they continue to be the leader in smartphone technology. What is really sad is that many companies still continue to copy Apple's technologies including Microsoft! They have even copied the way their retail stores operate right down to the tables that have the drawers that lock identical to any Apple store.  They even use the same t-shirts and personal intercoms that every Apple employee uses.

The iPhone and the iPad are, in my opinion, all excellent systems!  Unlike the alternative smartphones, Apple forces the developers to use their development tools - this is good news and bad news.  The bad news is that the developers must play in Apple's controlled sandbox and must even use an Apple computer to develop the code. The good news is that these apps don't fail like on Androids and others. 

The more important news to you is that I am one of the few consultants that understand both sides of the fence - the Microsoft side and the Apple side.  Therefore if you need support for your iPhone, or iPad, I would be happy to help you. 
In fact even Apple agrees that I know my stuff - I was previously asked to do beta development for their Mac systems!

Stay tuned for more!

Here's a little "Windows" history....
The first "Windows" actually started back in September 1981, project named "Interface Manager". It was announced in November 1983 which was after the Apple Lisa, but before the Macintosh.

Release date / Product name
Nov 1985 Windows 1.01 1.01
Nov 1987 Windows 2.03 2.03
May 1988 Windows 2.10 2.10
Mar 1989 Windows 2.11 2.11
May 1990 Windows 3.0 3.0 
Mar 1992 Windows 3.1x 3.1
Oct 1992 Windows For Workgroups 3.1 3.1
Jul 1993 Windows NT 3.1 NT 3.1 
Dec 1993 Windows For Workgroups 3.11 3.11
Jan 1994 Windows 3.2 (released in Chinese) 3.2
Sep 1994 Windows NT 3.5 NT 3.5
May 1995 Windows NT 3.51 NT 3.51
Aug 1995 Windows 95 4.0.950
Jul 1996 Windows NT 4.0 NT 4.0.1381 
Jun 1998 Windows 98 4.10.1998 
May 1999 Windows 98 SE 4.10.2222
Feb 2000 Windows 2000 NT 5.0.2195
Sep 2000 Windows Me 4.90.3000
Oct 2001 Windows XP NT 5.1.2600 
Mar 2003 Windows XP 64-bit Edition (IA-64) NT 5.2.3790
Apr 2003 Windows Server 2003 NT 5.2.3790 Current for SP1, R2, SP2
Apr 2005 Windows XP Professional x64 Edition NT 5.2.3790
Jul 2006 Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs NT 5.1.2600
Nov 2006 (volume licensing)
Jan 2007 (retail) Windows Vista NT 6.0.6002
Jul 2007 Windows Home Server NT 5.2.4500 
Feb 2008 Windows Server 2008 NT 6.0.6002
Oct 2009 Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 NT 6.1.7600

My Prediction - (They have to get it in before 12/21/2012!)
Nov 2012 Windows 8

One thing they STILL don't have is the ability to fix themselves, or at least have the capability to actually tell you when they are ill!  Even HAL had problems.
Just ask yourself, how many times have you had to reboot your ballpoint pen!  The pen has been around since October of 1988 and still clicking!!

Hopefully all of you know by now the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005, passed by the U.S. Congress July, 2005, extended Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the U.S. by approximately four weeks. As a result, beginning in 2007, DST started three weeks earlier on the second Sunday of March and ends one week later on the first Sunday of November, resulting in the new DST period which is four weeks longer than previously observed. 

Previously DST started on:
 - - First Sunday of April
Now with the new law, DST starts on:
 - - Second Sunday of March

Previous DST ended on: 
 - - Last Sunday of October 
Now with the new law, DST ends on:
 - - First Sunday of November 

According to Microsoft
, "Unless certain updates are applied to your computer, it is possible that the time zone settings for your computer's system clock may be incorrect during this four week period. This depends on where you live and which time zone you have selected. To see the time zone settings on your computer, follow these directions".  Or you can use Microsoft's systematic approach and find the exact patch for your individual system HERE.

When your time zone settings are incorrect your clock may be off by one hour, and certain applications running on your Windows based computer may not display the correct time. To address this, Microsoft has providing many free updates and tools that should have updated your system automatically.

For my clients with true client / server systems, your servers have been updated and will synchronize the correct time to  each user's PC by the customized logon script that I install on every server.

However if you have an older PC or other piece of electronic equipment, like phone systems, automatic clocks, timers, watches, MP3 players, TVs, heating systems, VCRs, etc., you will probably have to change these manually in March, April, October and November.