About FADugach Consulting Services


The Man Behind the Company

Fred Dugach has been in the technology field for over 30 years. He managed computer services and strategies for Fortune 500 companies with thousands of users. His ideas on technology and business integration have been sought after and presented at several high level meetings; the most memorable of which was at the New York Stock Exchange.

He started four successful businesses and has done beta development work for two major computer companies.  To stay sharp he teaches telecommunications and computer systems at a local Ohio college.

Needless to say, he loves this stuff. But more important to you is that he believes he can make good business sense with the use of technology.

The Company, FADCS

FADCS - Frederick A Dugach Consulting Services was the result of a need to fulfill the emerging gap between the technology acquisition process and its intended purpose to improve the bottom line.

FADCS will be glad to help you identify these gaps and quickly demonstrate solutions that will redirect these services toward their intended business goals.